Top 10 SuperBowl Memories

With the SuperBowl now less than a week away, I thought I would reflect on the top 10 memories that come to my mind when hear the word, “SuperBowl.”

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10. Talk about a buzz kill. Super Bowl XXXII: Atlanta Falcons Safety Eugene Robinson gets burned by Rod Smith and John Elway for an 80-yard touchdown pass. Maybe the fact that Robinson spent the night in jail for soliciting a police officer for oral sex threw him off his game? To make the story even more embarrassing, Robinson had received the “Bart Starr Award” for his “high moral character” that season.

9. Hester does it again! SuperBowl XLI: Devin Hester returns the opening kick off for a 92-yard touchdown, the first time the SuperBowl’s opening kickoff was returned for a TD in history. That would be the last chance he was given to display his returning abilities as the Colts avoided Hester like the plague for the rest of the game. The return touchdown was Hester’s 6th of the season, an NFL record.

8. Could someone please get this chicken bone out of my throat! I’m choking! SuperBowl’s XXV-XXVII: Choke is exactly what the Buffalo Bills did in their first of four SuperBowl appearances in a row. The words “Wide Right” are now infamous in the minds of Bills fans everywhere, but luckily I am not one of them! The Bills also choked as they played in four consecutive SuperBowls and came up short in each one. This raises the question for fans: is it better to have played in a championship and lost then to not play in one at all?

7. 49er thumping. SuperBowl XXIX: Being a Chargers fan at the time, I had high expectations for Junior Seau, Stan Humphries, and the rest of the Bolts. Boy was I wrong. Steve Young finally got that “monkey off of his back” in the playoffs and throws a SuperBowl record 6 touchdown passes.

6. Favre’s long run. SuperBowl XXXI: Well, not literally. I remember the 54-yard touchdown bomb to Andre Rison early in the game. After the toss, Favre, with his bucket in one hand in the air, sprints the 54 yards to the endzone to celebrate the opening score. Once again my support was on the side of New England (GO BLEDSOE!). Not!

5. Nipple Gate. SuperBowl XXXVIII: The halftime of this SuperBowl is one that will live on in infamy in CBS and FCC history. At the end of the Janet Jackson-Justin Timberlake performance, JT removes a part of Jackson’s clothing to reveal her breast with a nipple cover. MTV, who produced the show, claims that was all Jackson and J.T, who conveniently invented the term “wardrobe malfunction” to explain the incident. Of course, I was playing hockey at the time as for some reason we were scheduled to play on Super Sunday. But I did see the Adam Vinateri game winning field goal to beat the Panthers.

Here is a link to a blog with an interview with Tom Petty, performer at this year’s SuperBowl halftime:

4. Ricky Prohl is clutch but can’t win in the SuperBowl! SuperBowls XXXVI-XXXVIII: First with St. Louis, Prohl catches a then game tying 26 yard touchdown from Kurt Warner, with 1:30 left in the 4th quarter. With the game destined for overtime, the legend of Brady is officially born. See moment #2 for details. Then with Carolina, Prohl catches a touchdown pass with 1:08 left in the 4tth quarter to tie the game. But once again he is robbed of his day as hero as John Kasay puts the kickoff out of bounds, putting the Pats on their own 40. Tom Brady and Adam Vinateri contribute the late game heroics and Prohl is left sitting thinking of what could have been. Twice.

3. Elway’s faithful leap. SuperBowl XXXII: In a 17-17 tie, late in the fourth quarter on 3rd and 6, on the Green Bay 12 yard line, John Elway makes the play of the game. Dropping back to pass and seeing no one open, he sprints for the first down, leaping over a defender and getting hit by two others. Spinning in helicopter-like fashion, Elway lands for the first down inside the five in an image that will be replayed thousands of times on Best Damn. This act of leadership in a moment of doubt is one of the best I’ve ever witnessed and will always be imbedded in my mind when I think about the SuperBowl.

2. The prevent only prevents you from winning! SuperBowl XXXVI: After coming back to tie the game at 17-17, the St. Louis Rams decide to play in a prevent defence against the Pats. With no pressure, Tom Brady was given time to hit receivers for quick 5 and 10 yard plays. This ultimately lead to an Adam Vinateri 48-yard field goal as the clock hit zero…for the win.

Are the New England Patriots a dynasty? One blogger tackles this difficult question: So close, but yet so far away. SuperBowl XXXIV: In what was, in my opinion, the best SuperBowl of all time, a childhood dream was lived and crushed at the same time. With 6 seconds left on the clock and trailing 23-16, Steve Mcnair had the ball at the St. Louis 10 yard line, desperately trying to tie the game. Dropping back to pass, Mcnair completes the pass to Kevin Dyson on the 3 yard line, but gets hit and wrapped up by St. Louis linebacker Mike Jones. While going down, Dyson stretches out for the endzone in vain, coming up a yard short of sending the game to overtime. For my money, this is the most memorable image in SuperBowl history.


Time to spill this bowl!

This blog post can also be found on a sports blog that my friend owns. For my first article i decided to tackle the issue of the current NCAA Football championships.

Time to spill this bowl

Although the Bowl Championship Series has now passed us and the NCAA’s attention turns to basketball, it is time of the annual yearly debate- Is college football ready to scrap the BCS and implement a playoff format?

NCAA football is quite possibly the most unique sports league in the world for the shear fact that no team is given the chance for a playoff hot-streak to become champions. In fact after the regular season ends it is no longer in the hands of the teams, but the hands of the BCS system. The BCS is based on the Associated Press writers poll, the coaches poll and a combination of computer rankings make up the rankings each week. The entire bowl championship series is put together matching up the top teams from the top divisions against each other with one National Championship game at the end. This process of determining the champion of NCAA Division I football has been conducted for almost a hundred years and has sparked constant controversy.

The major hurdle in this whole ordeal is the NCAA’s reluctance to relinquish the system that has determined the champion for so long, regardless of the difficulties it presents. The fact that both NCAA Division II and III football have a playoff system implemented isn’t enough to discontinue the use of the BCS. There is fear among the NCAA and BCS that the significance of longtime bowl games (Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Fiesta Bowl ) would be lost and the tradition gone. Well I have a recommendation for the NCAA for a BCS replacement, it goes as follows:

The NCAA needs to scrap the bowl system but not the bowl games themselves and develop an NFL type format. At the end of the NCAA conference champions, the top six ranked teams advancing into the playoffs. With numbers one and two getting a first round bye, and numbers three and six and four and five would meet respectively. These first round games would be held at neutral sites across the country, so no Rose Bowl like home advantages for USC and Sugar Bowl like advantages for LSU etc.

The second round of the playoffs would consist of once again having neutral sites for all of the playoff games to ensure no home field advantage. The difference here is that teams are going to want to put together a good performance if they lose, but I’ll explain that in a minute. After the second round, winners on each side would advance to one of the BCS semi-finals, whether it be the Rose, Sugar, Orange, or Fiesta Bowl. Each game could be alternating, every year to ensure variety and not harm the integrity and history of the BCA Bowl games.

The winners of the two BCS semi-finals will advance to the National Championship game, which would again rotate to a each BCS site each year. But you may be asking that’s only three BCS games, what happens to the fourth big game? Do you lose the Sugar bowl once every our years? No, you remember the first round of the playoffs, well they are going to be used as an audition game as well. As the team that is determined to have displayed better competition and the better team will be rewarded the final BCS birth. Meaning the BCS would rank the two teams and determine which team would be more worthy. And to determine the final spot in that BCS game would be up to the BCS’ discretion. Ideally you would fit in an undefeated mid-major such as Hawaii this year, or Boise St last year. If there was no such undefeated team then it would the team ranked number seven, or possibly the closest ranked major rival. This would leave some discretion up to the BCS as far as teams worthy to play in that final game.

So the situation would be on the same kind of confusion level as the current state college football is in, but it would finally determine a true National Champion.

“He who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery.”

– Harold Wilson

First blog

From this class I hope to gain a greater understanding for the world of online journalism and the advantages of blogging etc… I hope to be able to learn to podcast, leading to me eventually doing a podcast each week for my friends sports blog. I also hope to learn more about the advanced concept of social journalism. Journalism is changing every day as is the tools (internet) used in this trade and I am looking forward to seeing where they are headed, as they are intertwined together. My goal is to get a mark in the class that is in the eighties.

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” ~Victor Frankl