Been so long, heats been on…

Sup ya’ll,

Just decided to hit ya up with a quick blogski to show I am still alive and kicking…

I only have a few random thoughts for who ever cares to read…

How do you watch the watcher? While “Big Brother” is apparently always watching, what do we do about who is watching them? If someone is left in charge of watching, shouldn’t they themselves be watched? Sounds random but to a person in my predicament it makes plenty of sense…shouldn’t someone be keeping an eye on them to ensure accurate depictions of reality?

How many tries do you give someone to deem themselves “trustworthy” before you realize they aren’t?

Well I have asked myself this question several times over the past months while analyzing my own life and have come up with the following: You can give a person as my tries as you see fit for them to establish a pattern and base your decision on that. With enough instances in my own life where too many chances have been given and faith kept I’ve learned your hunches are generally correct. If you think a person is unfaithful to you accept this is a possibility and try to find the truth…i find your gut is right 99.9% of the time (either that or you deal with predictable people) Second and third chances have gotten me no where but deeper into a hole than I hoped and prayed I would be in…

And with that pessimistic performance I return to the world of blogging…thanks for joining me in this downer fest and hope you join me for another jokeshow of a look into this world we call home.

“Your mentality determines your sanity”


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